Hypnotherapy Sessions 

On your first visit  hypnotherapy will be explained to you and how it can work for some people, there are no guarantees that this type of therapy will work for you.  However there is plenty of evidence out there for you to read before you come. Information will be gathered to find out more about you and your specific requirements from the sessions.  This may include medication, any medical history, lifestyle and your support system.  Realistic goals will be agreed between you and your therapist and homework set. You must be motivated and committed to the therapy .

Sessions will last 1 hour except stop smoking which are 2.-2.5 hours.  Bespoke sessions  timings will be discussed when booking


Practical details such as how many sessions you may require, cost, cancellation policy and terms and conditions explained.

All client information is confidential unless the client is at risk of harm to themselves or others. We work to GDPR.

There may be occasions when permission to contact your GP is required or a doctors letter to agree to therapy is required.  This would be the clients responsibility to obtain and pay any costs incurred